Best Answer is There is Not Always One…

…Best answer, that is. Which is the gist of my response on the recent LinkedIn question “Adobe Flex vs Java Swing – Looks most similar way of architecture. Any points form your side?“. My best answer being:

While I agree in part with the comment about neither being the best choice, the decision should be based on the application audience and the development team skills. If the application is to be a public facing Internet application, Flex support is ubiquitous, making it the superior option (IMHO).

If the application audience is only internal or partner users, the pure Java implementations have some advantages that appeal to some development and/or maintenance teams. OTOH, if the skills and experience don’t already exist in-house, Flex is a lower risk path.

Bottom line is usability and ROI, and the ability to deliver those key values depends on your available skill set and distribution channel.

As Dennis Miller often said: “…that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.”

© Scott S. Nelson