#TIL: How to Present PowerPoint Slide Show in a Resizable Window

Full screen is great if you don’t need notes. Until today, if I need notes I just minimized the tools and gutter while presenting. And then I discovered this:

Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show > Browsed by an individual (window)
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Chrome Extensions on Edge

In a musing mood this morning, so tldr;

… so I took the 18 seconds to go research and found that all you gotta do is go to the chrome web store and installed it from there. [imagine forehead slap here].

As both a consultant and tech enthusiast, I have multiple profiles that would clash in a single browser. One solution to profile proliferation is using multiple browser, each dedicated the a particular profile (especially useful for profiles based on Microsoft authentication). All of the chrome-based browsers have made this easier as they function generally the same, making it seamless to switch back and forth with the style reminding which context I am in.

A key feature for any browser is tabs, and one behavior I have grown used to is that opening a new tab should switch to that tab immediately. Other than sketchy tracking pages and lazy session tracking I expect the reason for a tab to open is to view the contents. Doubly so when I purposely open to a new tab. To this end, I always install Tabs to the Front. When I started using Edge (v2, once they switched to being chrome-based and worked on the worst of the kinks) the chrome store is where it took you for extensions. At some point, it switched, and removed my extensions. Some I could find in the Edge Add-ons, but many were not there. This became extra annoying to me today when I was setting up a new laptop, so I took the 18 seconds to go research and found that all you gotta do is go to the chrome web store and installed it from there. [imagine forehead slap here].


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My Pinned Wiki Post Template

If you use this, please link to this blog post.

This is our Wiki

There are many like it, but this one is ours.

Our wiki is our guide. We support our wiki through comments and additions.

Without updates, our wiki will become outdated. Team members will become frustrated when information is missing or no longer correct. Being a good team member includes being a contributor to the wiki.

That cool reference you found that you will always remember? One day, when you need it most, you will forget it.

That awesome solution to a code or design issue that is perfectly clear and understandable now will look like a foreign language in 2 years (months, weeks, sometimes even hours). Add an explanation to the wiki.

When in doubt if something should be added to the wiki, add it. It can always be deleted later.

This is your wiki. Keep it clean but not too lean.

The Architect
(A serious parody of The Rifleman’s Creed )

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