The only cookie set by the site is the one generated by the WordPress platform this site runs on used to manage session information.

This site does not share your information with any person or entity beyond making it visible if a logged in user clicks your profile from a comment you have made. Unauthenticated users are directed to the public profile link you or your authenticator provided.

The site accesses and stores your public profile information provided by yourself or the sign in authority you used when registering. This information is available to logged in users if they click on your profile.

You profile information is only used to display the profile to logged in users. They can only find a link to your profile from the comments you make. 

I will never sell your information. I reserve the right to contact you in the future with relevant questions, information, or offerings coming directly from me, though I do not do this at this time. If and when I do, a simple opt-op link will be included.

There are Google ads on the site. Please see their policy page regarding how they manage data.

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