Cowboy Rocket Surgery Unchallenged on LinkedIn

Retirement Notice: My Work Chair


The base of my home office chair bent beyond repair last week and I finally had to replace it today. It has supported my rear through the following:

Employers – netNumina (who gave it to me when they bought new furniture), FYW, Jupiter Media, Keane, Quin Street Publishing, BEA, Oracle, Primitive Logic

Locations – Charlestown, Cambridge, Manchest-by-the-Sea, Fort Mill, and Oceanside

Customers –, Fidelity, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Jonesco, Sullivan Real Estate, O’Neil Machinery, Dunkin’ Donuts,  Iron Mountain, US Government, Bank of America, VMWare, Northern Trust, GNMA, Sempra

© Scott S. Nelson

It’s Just a Phrase I’m Going Through

I’m always delighted when I hear one of my sarcastic word-plays repeated by someone else. Today I heard someone attribute me with:

Water Crash Methodology

which I had come up with when discussing the merits of SDLC approaches in light of the resulting deliverables.

© Scott S. Nelson