Different Browsers for Different Profiles

Chrome Extensions on Edge

In a musing mood this morning, so tldr;

… so I took the 18 seconds to go research and found that all you gotta do is go to the chrome web store and installed it from there. [imagine forehead slap here].

As both a consultant and tech enthusiast, I have multiple profiles that would clash in a single browser. One solution to profile proliferation is using multiple browser, each dedicated the a particular profile (especially useful for profiles based on Microsoft authentication). All of the chrome-based browsers have made this easier as they function generally the same, making it seamless to switch back and forth with the style reminding which context I am in.

A key feature for any browser is tabs, and one behavior I have grown used to is that opening a new tab should switch to that tab immediately. Other than sketchy tracking pages and lazy session tracking I expect the reason for a tab to open is to view the contents. Doubly so when I purposely open to a new tab. To this end, I always install Tabs to the Front. When I started using Edge (v2, once they switched to being chrome-based and worked on the worst of the kinks) the chrome store is where it took you for extensions. At some point, it switched, and removed my extensions. Some I could find in the Edge Add-ons, but many were not there. This became extra annoying to me today when I was setting up a new laptop, so I took the 18 seconds to go research and found that all you gotta do is go to the chrome web store and installed it from there. [imagine forehead slap here].


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A Real Annoyance

The point of this post is getting rid of that annoying incompatibility notice about Real every time an update is made to FireFox. But first, a rant…

I am not a fan of the Real Player to begin with.  I certainly give it credit for being one of the early multimedia players. I also give them credit for being one of the first major abusers of the installation process, changing extension mappings without asking, installing itself as a service when it is only used occasionally, and being really obtuse in how to fix these problems afterward.   When I did PC maintenance service (before the Geek Squad, which people keep reminding me that I thought of four years before they did) I routinely removed the RealPlayer service and was always thanked for speeding up the machine.

I even tried to give the Real Player a second chance when they bought the Napster name. That lasted about 2 minutes past the installation where it still did all the things that annoyed me about the their 1.0 version. The Real Player is not installed on my personal machine. I used to routinely uninstall it from my work machine until my current employer decided to build their compliance training application using it. Which brings me to my point.

After updating the excellent password manager I use (RoboForm), I was once again confronted with this annoying screen.

Real Extension Annoyance
Real Extension Annoyance

My first shot in Google (remove incompatible firefox extension) got me pretty close to a solution with a Mozilla Support thread. The last entry in the thread did the trick for me. In case that link is dead, the entry was:

Ok, run the program “regedit” and goto “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMozillaFirefoxExtensions”

If there is nothing there try “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMozillaFirefoxExtensions”

There you should see the extension… delete the registry entry.

That worked for me…

The first path worked for me, too, specifically the key {ABDE892B-13A8-4d1b-88E6-365A6E755758}, with the value of “C:Program FilesRealRealPlayerbrowserrecord”

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