WebLogic Server, Apache Commons and You

Oracle released Security Alert CVE-2015-4852 last night, their official security response to a much-publicized vulnerability with certain usage of the Apache Commons library with the major J2EE application servers.

If you have access to the Oracle Support Network, the best reference is https://support.oracle.com/rs?type=doc&id=2076338.1.

For an Apache POV of the situation, I suggest https://blogs.apache.org/foundation/entry/apache_commons_statement_to_widespread.

Infoworld has a calmer dissertation of the issue at http://www.infoworld.com/article/3003197/security/library-misuse-exposes-leading-java-platforms-to-attack.html.

I personally heard about this first from /., where this is an informative thread (with the usual trolling between) at http://developers.slashdot.org/story/15/11/08/0346258/vulnerability-in-java-commons-library-leads-to-hundreds-of-insecure-applications.

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Customizing WebCenter Logging with WLST

Like many enterprises, the one I’m currently working with only provides developers with the Monitor role in production. This requires scripting tasks that are well-documented for manually performing but take some real thinking and testing to get right as a script.

One of my team members frequently says that code should be self-documenting, so rather a long blog entry I thought I would simply post the script along with some minimal comments and see if everyone finds that useful:

def configureAdfLogHandlers():
#The full script has multiple methods, so I print the currently running method to follow along
	print 'Start configureAdfLogHandlers()'
	for managedServer in managedServers:
		path = '/Servers/' + sname
		lh = listLogHandlers(returnMap='true')
		for l in lh:
			lname = l.get('name')
#Even with this script, the odl logs are quite verbose and we run an automated arciving process. 
#To simplify the process, we just put the logs in the archive path since the odl log handlers don't provide an archive location option
			odlfile = '${domain.home}/logs/LOGS/${weblogic.Name}-' + lname + '.log'
			print '%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%'
			print '   Setting log handler configuration for ' + lname
			print '%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%'
#The custom code rarely uses any levels between debug and warning, and the notice level for Oracle code is too verbose for most trouble-shooting needs
		print '%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%'
		print '   Setting logger configuration for ' + sname
		print '%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%'
#The custom code used by the application sets of warnings in these packages that are not issues for the application, so we set the level to ERROR here



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