Replace Auto Dates in Templates

Many templates include a date that is based on the current date. In the good ole days, when a designated file type for a template was used and the file was saved as a standard file, that date would stop updating automatically.

These days, most templates are just a previous file where the original content was stripped and labelled as a template, and even those that are specified as template types still keep the date updating after saving to a file. This makes the date of the content unknown, the opposite of the value of including a date.

For the sake of those who want to keep content in context, please develop the habit of replacing the auto-date with the actual date when publishing documents.

In some templates, fixing the date is hard to do, especially if someone has locked aspects of template with good intentions (and annoying consequences). In that case, overlay text on top of it with the correct date with the background fill blocking out the auto date.

© Scott S. Nelson

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