Kernel Panic meets Captain Obvious

I use VMs so I don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up different work environments, so when an update comes along that breaks my environment, it is really frustrating. This latest, where the Centos 7 updates resulted in not loading the right video drivers for a Window VirtualBox host was especially annoying as I’m on the road and working with multiple clients, with very little time to chase down extra solutions.

I won’t bother you with my 28 day journey to find the fix except to say the many tech board posters and bloggers are well-meaning and have way more time on their hands than I do 🙂

The solution is to use the beta Guest Additions ISO. As sometimes happens, installing the Guest Additions sometimes results in Centos doing another update, at which point you need to re-install Guest Additions right after, but it will all work correctly (again) after that second install.

Oh, and if it hangs after that second install, do a hard shut down and it should work when you start it again (I know! What’s up with that?)

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