Stopping _afrLoop Looping Refresh

While building out a new environment I found that my WebCenter portal application URL would go into a long cycle of refreshing the page at login when more than one managed server in the cluster was running.

To save many of you the long process of research I went through, the key piece to my puzzle was that SiteMinder is used for perimeter authentication. The fix for this combination (WebCenter and SiteMinder) is to change the WebLogic cookie name from JSESSION to anything else and ALL_CAPS. In my case, there was already a custom cookie name, but it was lower case.

While I did not test each part of the fix, I’ll include the rest and let someone else do so. That is, setting the cookie name as the same in both the Apache plug in and the WebCenter application. For the Apache plug-in, the cookie name is managed by WLCookieName. In the application, it is done by setting the cookie name in weblogic.xml:


Also, there were many posts suggesting to remove the Trinidad filter to address this. That is the wrong solution in most cases and will lead to new and annoying issues.

Official solution can be found at Oracle Support Document 1491984.1 (ADF Application Redirects Browser Indefinitely) can be found at: I found the all-caps naming convention on some post, and don’t know if it is necessary but do know that it is working now.

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