Frankenserver: Sharing WLS Install between WLP 10.3.5 and WebCenter

Caveat: I have only tried this on Windows. *nix varieties may vary. For a limited time only, the latest releases of WLP and WC can run on the same version of WLS (10.3.5). I found that if you first install WLP and then install WebCenter the same Oracle Home (in my choice, C:OracleMiddleware11.1.1.7) they seem to co-exist nicely.

That said, the first time I did this I left OEPE running and tried to start JDev after applying some of the tweaks described at This was not a good thing, and resulted in the need for the fix described at I probably would not have had the problem if I had closed OEPE first, but the fix seems to be a good thing either way, so no harm done and a fairly easy lesson learned.

© Scott S. Nelson

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