JRockit on Solaris and WebCenter

While JRockit is generally the preferred JDK for WebLogic Server, I ran across an environment where WebCenter had poor performance for no discernible reason recently. I could make this post long by boring you with the details of how I decided to try switching to the Sun JDK, but instead I will just mention that it was WLS 10.3.4 on Solaris 10U6 with JRockit 6U28 and that switch to Sun JDK 6U24 resulted in a significant improvement.

There may be other factors involved in this (I have requested that a Solaris SME look at the environment), but wanted to add this as a debugging option for those who may run into a similar issue where none of the usual suspects of poor performance are present and it happens to be JRockit on Solaris.

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One thought on “JRockit on Solaris and WebCenter

  1. Scott Nelson March 2, 2012 / 9:49 am

    As someone commented, I did leave out the hardware, which was SPARC. It appears that in Java 7, they expect the two JDKs to become one.

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