Permission Error on Delete Directory for Java Projects on Windows

I wish I had take a screen shot of the error to make this easier for folks to say “oh, yeah, I have that problem”. The thing is, when you build some J2EE applications from a project on the Desktop or My Documents (which I am only now starting to use out of convenience for back up programs that think that is where things should be stored) and then are done with them you find you can’t delete them.  You get this annoying warning that you might not have permission to do so, even though your are the administrator in Windows and the owner of the files.

This is because of a bug in Windows meant to annoy those of use who like having the directory structure match the namespace.  The generated name spaces are often too long when combined with all that extra path crud that goes to My Documents or Desktop for the OS to handle. So, the simple solution is take the folder and drag it into the root of the drive and then delete it. Apparently, only delete is crippled by this bug and not move. Go figure.

And, yes, I know that Microsoft bashing is cheap and easy. So am I, which is why I do it. I am fully aware that if it were not for Microsoft I would most likely be living in a trailer wondering why a guy that likes and understands something as complex as programming is ignored by Corporate America and treated like a warehouse worker (the way it was before Bill was a Billionaire).  Thank you Bill, for everything 🙂

PS: Microsoft bugs still piss me off.

© Scott S. Nelson

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