Things to Determine before Projects Begin

This post is a perpetual Work-in-Progress. As of now, it is only starting (stalling would be more accurate, I’ve been playing with it in various forms for a few years now).

Whether you are starting in a new enterprise role or are a consultant with a new enterprise client, learning the customs of the culture are critical to long term success. Perception of value is more important than actual value (though those with a conscious will work to provide both) and great work will be overlooked if expectations are missed (even if they are less relevant than what was accomplished).

Here’s what we have so far (please add your additions in the comments):

Project Type Artifact
All Release schedule
All Release process
All Coding standards
All Other StakeHolders that may be impacted
All Where and how architecture decisions are logged
All What artifact reviews are required? What is the review process for each?
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