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3 Common QA Misconceptions

Plan Performance Testing with Platform Architecture

If there is to be performance testing both the test tool platform and the test environment need to be robust enough to support it. This will require either a server farm capable of exercising the application at a realistic load or ensuring that the application performance test interfaces can be accessed by an external cloud-based platform. In the latter case, plan security testing to be done before the performance testing.

Automated Testing is Worth the Time

Many projects do not use automated testing because of the time involved in creating the tests. This is based on optimistic estimates of expected number of defects and iterations to resolve. Ironically, not having automated testing for regression testing increases the number of iterations to resolve defects and increases the total effort of testing.

Acceptance Tests are not Regression Tests

Acceptance tests are generally limited in scope to how users are expected to use the system. Regression tests should include edge cases and dynamically-generated inputs, with the inputs recorded in the event of defects being identified in order to support re-creation and potential adjustments to test parameters.

Bonus Best Practice

Defect summaries should be formatted as TYPE: Component – Functional Error Summary

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