Numeric keypad numlock setting for Ubuntu

With the Num Lock key you can manually switch on or off the numeric keypad on your keyboard. Also, computers’ BIOS settings often include an option to decide if the computer should be started with the numeric keypad enabled. Otherwise, this is a way to configure it:

  1. Install the numlockx package.

  2. Open Startup Applications and add a startup program with the command: numlockx on

The second step may be redundant on your computer, so try without it first.

Source: Numeric keypad

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Git on Ubuntu in Visual Studio Code

I found myself getting frustrated with Visual Studio Code (vsc) today on Ubuntu with GitHub. I had a repository that was properly cloned, yet vsc insisted that “The folder currently open doesn’t have a git repository”.

vsc init repo message

I installed the GitHub extension and confirmed my account was set in vsc and still no joy. Finally went to the terminal in vsc and ran git status and received the following:

fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository at '/media/sf_vm_share/notpublicrepo/vsc-projects/mytrailhead'
To add an exception for this directory, call:

        git config --global --add /media/sf_vm_share/notpublicrepo/vsc-projects/mytrailhead

so I did as suggested and then there was:

VSC Commit Option

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Tailing in Windows with a Right-Click

Being late to Linux in my career, I’m fascinated by things many probably already find mundane, like tailing logs. Someone finally suggested to me that I could use Cygwin to do this in Windows. He was my hero for the day!

Speaking of heroes, the members of Stackoverflow have a great way to open a Cygwin console in any directory with a right-click, described at I used the registry trick because the command-line approach didn’t work for me.

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