Virtual Team File Management

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The longer version of my contribution to a LinkedIn experts article.

There are so many options and variables that any single recommendation will only be helpful to a slice of the organizations who may be thinking about this.

From a meta perspective, minimizing the number of tools required to get work done while remaining efficient and effective is important to fostering collaboration. The days of avoiding vendor lock-in at all costs faded with the growth of SaaS and other cloud-based options. Choosing a file management option that is packaged with, or cleanly integrates with, tools that are used by the entire team should be a primary consideration. Reducing the number of logins required throughout the day helps keep the team efficient, and an option that can be directly linked to requirements, communications, and quality reviews will help ensure that they are linked and maintained.

Another requirement that should be top of mind is versioning. The ability to restore older versions and compare between versions may not always be needed during any given effort, but it will be sorely missed if it is needed.

As a general recommendation, implementing some redundant and external back up should also be considered. Cloud content should be regularly backed up to on-premise or alternative cloud in the same manner where on-premise solutions should be periodically backed up somewhere off site and secure.

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