Method does not exist or incorrect signature

Salesforce Deployments when Other People’s Code Fails Validation

As a cloud architecture consultant I have always applauded Salesforce for requiring 75% test coverage for deployments. I just wish that it was a minimum per class rather than an average per org. Why? Because things change and over time the average in production can come down to the point where adding a new change set that is at 75% when averaged with what is in production drops the total average. Because of this, I have set the standard for my team as 95%, which always got us through this issue until recently.

Another team had run a deployment that removed methods previous tests relied on. When my change set was validated, I was surprised to see the following error:

Method does not exist or incorrect signature
Method does not exist or incorrect signature

What was most vexing about this is that none of the classes in error were touched by my change set. Usually this can be fixed with a recompile, but not this time. What to do? Well, someone else had gotten a deployment through (there are multiple teams working in the org), so I knew there had to be some solution. And there was! Sparing you the dozen things I tried that did not work, here is the solution:

Run specified tests

And the proof:

Ready for Quick Deployment
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